After two years since releasing their compilation, Offshore Drilling (not to the mention scores of praise and acclaim they got for it) The KhemLab is now back with their latest compilation. The Khemlab is essentially a collective of young, up-and-coming, talented MCs gathering together to create one explosive compilation.

For their first collaboration, they utilized Kid Hum’s instrumental record, Fossil Fuel as the back bone. This time around, the group conjures up original beats as well as a couple of sample cuts from “Diamond District and DJ Concept & DJ Mickey Knox’ BYOP EP” to create this stunning piece of hip hop album worth hearing. 

Despite the slow formation, taking almost two years to compile and gather together everything; the results is nothing short but spectacular. Those 2 years netted this 20-track album that’s filled with catchy beats, great skills from various MCs and just amazing compositions throughout.

Blasting through your player with opening single, The Khemlab Anthem; the song features loops, amazing rap skills and a nice laid back feel. Much of the tracks tackle different subjects from a cut professing admiration for footwear (New Shoes) to a smooth, R&B like single about guns and violence (Gun Talk); it’s a hodge of great sound wherever you listen.

Some of my other favorite tracks include the very vintage driven single, Abby Psalm from Kid Hum; the short and trippy single, Let It Out and the classic, True Schoolers.

It’s certainly a record worth waiting for. Filled with solid beats and lots of amazing skills; these guys definitely know how to impress. One of those albums you shouldn’t miss out.

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