Bryyn (Pinkle) is Chicago native Byrn Martin. He’s currently based in Switzerland though, and sounds as if he’s creating lovely music with the Swiss Alps every morning.

House Plants is the artists’ umpteenth release. This prolific scientist/musician creates lovely folk pop music intertwined with experimental and creative sounds that music lovers can feast on. He also encourages listeners to create mixes of the song as long as it follows the guidelines set under the CC license.

This album is an awesome collection of tracks available for free download here in Frostclick and the newly revamped Aaahh Records site. Check it out and enjoy this menagerie of sounds. The album is filled with intensely engaging cuts sprinkled with random bits of sound to make it shine and sparkle. This quaint, eclectic record opens with the reflective What I Hope. With nothing but quiet guitars and very melodramatic vocals, it’s hard not to imagine this track playing in some faraway radio while sitting down near a small lake dock; the cool breeze passing by and random patches of sunshine showing through.

So Well is another awesome track that was also featured in Bryyn’s Invertible album.  This electro acoustic pop track mixes laid-back guitar work and a very catchy beat. Meanwhile, Fractals, is a more upbeat tune that dances into new wave territory. It’s amazing how Bryyn easily mixes and treads between folk, electronic, indie pop/rock with his music. There were parts of the song that reminded me of a more subdued and overly sober Isaac Brock.

Other must-listen tracks, in my opinion, include It’s Not Working, with its shimmery sound as well as endearing vocals; as well as Paper Thin, for its simple but relaxing atmosphere.

If you want to listen to more music from the artist, you can get the full lowdown on his site. He offers more than 200 songs for free download! Of course, you can click the Donate button to thank the artist for all the awesome music he’s giving away.

NOTE: Pinkle has recently changed his name to bryyn, so we’ve updated our post on his request to reflect that change!

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