Bryyn- Pink Noise

Changing names is quite common in the music business. Hence, it's no surprise that indie folk pop guru, Pinkle, decided to adopt his real name and drop the "Pinkle" moniker in full. He's known simply now as, Brynn. Taking up his real name as a moniker doesn't mean he's no longer creating lovely indie pop music. In fact, the artist still manages to churn out lovely and relaxing music that induces a surge of endorphins down your brain. Pink Noise is actually an older album. It was released back in the summer of 2008. Despite its age, it's still a wonderful compilation to check out.

netBloc Volume 31: Goodbye, Hello

BlocSonic once again releases their infamous collection of lovely, free tracks that music lovers everywhere can enjoy. The label unleashes several compilations throughout the year. This includes, maxBlocs, which consist of promotional maxi singles; Originals; Extended Editions, Extras and netBlocs, like this one. This is the 31st netBloc from them so far. For compilations like these, they gather up about 10 or more indie artists from all over the world; offering a peek at the music they play in the album. It's definitely an awesome way of discovering potential new playlist staples. The record is available for free download under three formats, simply choose which one you most prefer and enjoy!

Pinkle: Invertible

Sweet indie acoustic with charming lyrics and beautiful melodies. Post-doc student, Byrn Martin with his crew, moonlights as Pinkle; creating lovely acoustic indie music with endearing vocals and lyrics. Invertible is the group's current official release. It's a compilation of DIY tracks collected for over 5 years. If you ever need an album to play to help kickstart that relaxing, no-work afternoon, then this should be on your list.