Continuing on with their tradition of releasing one compilation per month, the Birdview crew is at it again with their June release.

June EP is a huge set consisting of 22 tracks, mixed and done by some of the best underground producers all over the world. They each contribute to create and release a free album for fans of underground, experimental, techno, dub and hip hop to name a few.

This June compilation features the same fresh and innovative sound; something you would expect from talented producers and mixers.

Expect a mix of tastes to mingle in this great compilation. There are strictly dancefloor made tunes on here while at the same time, you’ll find tracks that are more suited for a quiet retreat to your rest house.

If you’re the type who prefers to pick out individual tracks in compilation records, rest assured, you’ll find a lot of great ones to add on your playlist from this album.

Infectious from Rootkit, is set up as a staple on the dancefloor. The young producer (only 14) hails from Norway and is a new addition to the Birdview crew. Maximoe’s Yester and To, provide a smooth hip hop feel that’s perfect for laid-back listening. On the other hand, Far From Me from Aether is another cool cut to bookmark while chilling out.

The Birdview project was initially started in February 2012 by producers/musicians, Rylee Rabbit, Forrest Blunt and Ryddim. So far, they’ve stuck to the plan of creating a free downloadable release each month. June E.P., is a great compilation that you should grab. You can also check out their more recent releases on their BandCamp page.

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