Month: January 2012

Nightlife: Radio

After their self-titled debut EP, Nightlife fans didn't have to wait long for a new album. Released last October 2011, the musical duo offers Radio, a collection of six glowing synthpop tracks. Meeting in early 2010 at a Michigan show house, Caroline Myrick and Darin Rajabian shared a mutual love for dance and pop-music. The duo soon produced songs that blended Caroline's soft vocals with Darin's classic electro tracks.

Swing of Change

In need of a good animated treat? Swing of Change is exactly what you need than, something that won’t disappear on you even after the credits end. This 3D animated short was originally a graduation project for ESMA (école supérieure des metiers artistique, in Montpellier, France) by Harmony Bouchard, Andy Le Cocq, Joakim Riedinger and Raphael Cenzi, but has since than turned into a masterpiece seen by thousands.

Fiction Fight: I Am a Thief

Bursting onto the sky with all the subtlety like a crashing comet, I Am a Thief by Fiction Fight offers a one-of-a-kind astral experience. Hailing from Coventry, the once solo project has now bloomed into a full-pledged band composed of Christopher Donald, Josiah Gillespie, Rachel Louise Challis, Tim Pitt, Nathan Daniel Leigh and Matthew Donald. They have already shared stages with Newton Faukner, Enter Shikari and rap artist Example.

iPhone Style Folder

Tired of the folder icons on your Android? Would you rather prefer to see some of that friendly and visually appealing folders from your iOS devices? Well, your plight has an answer in the form of iPhoneStyle Folder for Android. This app exactly replicates the iOS folder look without any fuss. Developed by a Korean team named zzugliRyu, the iPhone Style Folder will bring some lost smiles back to life.

Moongardening Inc.: A Sky Full Of Killer Whales

Moongardening Inc. might have an unusual band name as well as an album title, but their music manages to stand out and impress. Creating a solid fusion of pop, jazz, blues and a whole lot in between; A Sky Full of Killer Whales exudes a certain charm. Only downside is that there's hardly anything about the band online except what's written on their BandCamp page and sparse reviews here and there. Nevertheless, their music can easily take front and center without much background info about them.

Monster Mouth DDS

This one if for all the kids who just hate visiting the dentist. So, kids it is your time to play the dentist and clean the mouth and teeth of big, ugly monsters with bad-odor. Monster Mouth DDS is a game that features loads of gun creatures with a cavity problem that need to be addressed. The game is primarily targeted at the kids and it has its own fun moments. Keeping the target-audience in mind, the developer has done quite a decent job in terms of gameplay, environments and the role they play.

One Lick Less: We Could be Quiet

One Lick Less proves that you can do so much with just drum & bass and the occasional vocals. We Could Be Quiet contains music that hovers around free-ranging blues, progressive improv and even "spectral math rock." When you listen, it's not hard to see all this. The album is an intense, sometimes instrumental, compilation full of eclectic bits and pieces all cohesively working together. The result is impressive, in terms of range and style. It's also something difficult to describe since it's rare to hear such a unique sound.

Data Crow

Looking for a way to organize all of the media you have installed on your computer? Data Crow can help make the job easier. The program works by searching various media that's stored inside your computer and creating an easy-to-navigate catalogue that you can use. It works on both Windows and Mac OSX or Classic. The program itself is a few years old but it still works great and provides a simple way to access all your media without having to frantically search for them in your random folders. Moreover, Data Crow is free for download and features a public license.

Magentaa: Pulse

One of the many faces representing underground electronica from Munich, Germany; Magentaa releases his latest record, Pulse. This 7-track compilation carefully fuses different elements to create a cohesive album guaranteed to make it the perfect go-to record for midnight parties or quiet lounging at your apartment. There's not much personal info about the artist online, except that he has released several titles and compilations prior to this one. Most of his songs are an eclectic mix of sounds; with drum machines, electronic pianos, voice and field recordings making an appearance. It's this unusual combination that's making his electronic sonatas quite interesting to listen to.