Looking for a way to organize all of the media you have installed on your computer? Data Crow can help make the job easier. The program works by searching various media that’s stored inside your computer and creating an easy-to-navigate catalogue that you can use.

It works on both Windows and Mac OSX or Classic. The program itself is a few years old but it still works great and provides a simple way to access all your media without having to frantically search for them in your random folders. Moreover, Data Crow is free for download and features a public license.

From software, movies, music or books, Data Crow easily retrieves these and places them in a neat and accessible spot. The only thing you really have to do is enter the name or title of the item you want cataloged and the program does the work by searching online for all the info. For movies or books, the program searches for info in places like Amazon and IMDB. When it comes to music files, Data Crow often just uses the tags already embedded onto the files.

The interface is pretty basic and contains all of the features you need. The left portion of the screen provides you with the different categories of media you have. On the center as well as the right portion you’ll find all of the information pertaining to a specific media. You can add as well as manage the information by using the toolbar on the upper part of the screen. You’ll also find the search online option right here.

Although the program does work well, it runs in a Java platform which has lead to several bugs here and there. In spite of this, Data Crow manages to get the job done without much complaint. Once you become familiar with the interface, it’s a breeze to use and performs an exceptional job.

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