Bursting onto the sky with all the subtlety like a crashing comet, I Am a Thief by Fiction Fight offers a one-of-a-kind astral experience.

Hailing from Coventry, the once solo project has now bloomed into a full-pledged band composed of Christopher Donald, Josiah Gillespie, Rachel Louise Challis, Tim Pitt, Nathan Daniel Leigh and Matthew Donald. They have already shared stages with Newton Faukner, Enter Shikari and rap artist Example.

Gaining strong influences from Björk and Aim , this electronic post-rock group provides a breath of fresh air to the music scene.

My Rescue appeals to the listeners like black coffee on a cold Sunday morning – rough and relaxing. From a soothing blend of chill-out melody and thick muscular synths, the track slowly builds into a cry of confession which is just emotionally perfect.

Uniquely accompanied with soulful horns, Perfect World maintains that chill-out vibe. Meet Me On the Shoreline, on the other hand, evokes more power with its clever mix of moody electronic and tribal beats. The verses were delivered with such passion that you’d want to repeat it again and again.

The album takes a rock-driven road with Love is Brave. I personally liked the fuzzy electric guitars and hooking drum beats. The transition of fast to slower parts are perfectly placed transporting the listeners to a roller coaster treat.

I Am a Thief closes up with the spine-chilling All I Am. It showcases hypnotic vocals and heartwarming violin solos. The band’s creativity is maximized in this track, you can recognize their influences but they have managed to create their own brand of music.

Fiction Fight have definitely stirred hearts in this new release. Beautiful in its own majestic way, I Am a Thief will grow into your senses like a garden in springtime.

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