Channel good vibes with Toby Lightman‘s latest release, Time Traveler, an exclusive collection of songs from her latest album Every Kind of People plus additional tracks from her three past albums: Know Where I’m From, Let Go, and Holding A Heart.

The collection is an encapsulation of Toby Lightman, not only as a songstress, but also as an artist as a whole: from her sound, aesthetics and taste. The collection is a good starting point for new fans to introduce Toby’s sound and make them fall in love with her style.

First stop is Every Kind of People, which is a pleasurable ensemble of piano keys, steady beats and soulful vocals set in a lounge arrangement. Toby’s voice possesses a perfect balance between texture and softness, soothing the ears but still leaving some punch.

Whatever Happened follows with intricate folk strings that caresses the ears. Self-reflective vocals add depth and layer to this wonderful sonic piece. While Let Go dresses in a country outfit complete with hand-clapping rhythms, intonation, and much flair.

Closing the album in a positive light note is Waking Up. Listen as playful piano keys go hand-in-hand with a happy tempo. From the first to the last song, Time Traveler mirrors Toby Lightman’s growth in music, and how she found her own sound that people, young and old, will enjoy.

Track List:
1. Every Kind of People (From Every Kind of People)
2. Whatever Happened (From Every Kind of People)
3. Slippin (From Know Where I’m From)
4. Let Go (From Let Go)
5. Lost (From Holding A Heart EP)
6. Waking Up (From Holding A Heart EP)

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