And the time has come again to share with you all the best of 2013 FrostClick/FrostWire features had to offer. From blues, to pop, electronic, hiphop and rap comes 12 of our favorite tracks from our favorite artists. Till this date, FrostWire Music Promotions have directly generated over 6,7 million album downloads – thank’s to you for checking out the artists and thanks to the artists for recognizing BitTorrent & file sharing in general as the future of music distribution and promotions!

Last year over 294,000 of you downloaded our Mixtape Vol. 3 – lets take those numbers even higher this year and celebrate artists that want their music downloaded freely and shared as widely as possible!

As always, all of the music in this compilation is available as a free download under one of Creative Commons Licenses – so get ready, download, and share!

So what can you find inside?
The FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Volume 4 starts off with Ain’t No Love all the way from Canada. Often called a mix of electronic/renegade pop (one amazing blend) their featured song, Shine, opens up with an explosion of a “heavy melodic background” while smoothly transitioning to to some heavy duty rapping.

With over 116,000 downloads of their album you are sure to be in for one great treat. So if you love to get your hands on more be sure to follow the link below – it will get you to a full and free album download.
The group is than followed by some great acts such as The Grammar Club, an alternative hip hop collective (dive deep into lyrics in this one), The Color and Sound – a stellar rock band from Boston, MA, and Wordsmith who has been been with FrostClick for quite a while now.

Ain’t No Love: EP – “Shine”
The Grammar Club: Bioavailable – “Four Fine Walls”
The Color and Sound: The Spring Tour – “Graves”
Wildlight: Hers Was As Thunder – “Twirl Me”
Wordsmith: The Backstage EP – “Stronger Living”
Ménage Quad: Swing Soiree – “Off The Wall”
BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton: II – “What Comes Naturally”
Mike Schpitz & Phys Edison: Paid Time Off – “Sly and The Family Jones”
John Graham: Magic: Blanc et Noir – “The Dark Arts”
emmy Curl: Origins – “Turn Off The Light”
Kings of the City: The FrostWire Special – “Make Me Worse”
Joe Marson and The Satisfied Mind: Someday Soon – “Someday Soon”

Among the closing acts on the Mixtape we have the great Ménage Quad with its electro-swing and hiphop sounds that will keep you moving all night long. There is also a more funky blues side of music brought to us by BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton in their latest album titled II and the beautiful voice of emmy Curl who comes to us all the way from Portugal. And if you want more great hip hop/rap you are still in for something special with Mike Schpitz & Phys Edison and John Graham.

Finishing it off are two very different yet equally amazing songs. Someday Soon from Joe Marson is a great track that mixes a little bit of blues with spot on acoustic guitar and some reflective lyrics.
Make Me Worse, from no other than Kings of the City (based in London, UK), on the other hand, “starts off with a calm acoustic entrance only to swiftly turn to quick rapping power song with a hint of rock-n-roll in its composition.” More recently the band has lost one of its members, Danny, a loss that shall not be forgotten! And again, we wanted to take this opportunity to send our condolences to Danny’s family and friends. We hope that with this Mixtape the music will be heard by thousands more.

There is certainly no shortage of amazing music out there and we are truly grateful that we were able to work with some of the best (often independent) artists around. Its been an incredible year but the most incredible is still in front of us. Can’t wait for 2014!

As always, if you like what you hear, make sure to support your favorite artists – buy their tracks and merch on bandcamp, go to their concerts, fund their new albums on Kickstarter, or at least like their Facebook page – they will give back 100 fold with the amazing music they will create for you!

Stay with us throughout the year and enjoy the best of the best, including over 350 great albums of all genres we bring you here over at every year. That’s one free album every day!

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Happy New Year!

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