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We’ve put together a compilation album with the hit songs of each one of the artists promoted on FrostWire and FrostClick to add up to the first million downloads.

All the music in this compilation available for free or under creative commons by these 21 wonderful artists. Their music has been distributed through the BitTorrent and Gnutella networks with FrostWire.

World Class Music Experience
In November 2008 we came up with the idea to team up with FrostWire to really go after world class content creators that were willing to share their work for free. At the beginning the search was hard, we had to come up with a series of requirements so that we could guarantee great quality content and it quickly became the rule of thumb that if the entire team would have their music in our portable mp3 players that was a strong sign that the artist should be promoted.

This compilation brings you the best of the best in free music that the FrostClick Team came across during the first months of 2009. In only 21 weeks we had our first 1,000,000 copies distributed, some artists reaching over 75 thousand downloads during their promotion (7 to 10 days), nowadays FrostWire artists can get over 100 thousand downloads during their runs on the FrostWire welcome screen.

Virtual Booklet
After years of buying hundreds of CDs and many times being frustrated with lousy CD Booklets (no lyrics, no cool pictures) we decided you should not suffer the same disappointment with our compilation. You’re not only going to download a compilation with high quality mp3 hits, but you will get a Virtual Booklet with 44 high resolution pages which you can decide to print, or see with your favorite image viewer (you can even redistribute them since the art is all licensed under Creative Commons as well)

For each artist we’ve included 2 high resolution booklet pages with information about the artist, song, license, number of downloads, facts and where available we’ve even put the lyrics of the song to sing along.

A web page (booklet.html) has been included at the root of the compilation folder, you can open it to see the booklet in a very convenient way. Images will automatically adjust their sizes to your web browser window, an they’re presented in pairs, on the left the artist on the right: song lyrics, interviews or important facts about the artist.

The compilation booklet also includes some of the best photos sent by FrostWire users, featuring FrostWire inspired Art and pictures of the FrostWire Stickers all over the world.

The Booklet has been created keeping in mind the standard size of the regular CD Booklets in case you wish to print for a physical CD.

You can try a low resolution preview of the booklet.

Download Numbers

Sean Fournier +35,600
Audra Hardt +30,400
Ray Sytes +50,000
T.G. on “Tha Throwback” produced by Cartel +39,000
Georgia Wonder +50,000
K. Sparks & Pajozo +26,300
Farkus +42,100
ESPSIX +69,900
Black ELement +63,300
Brad Sucks +40,200
Tiara Wiles +63,800
The Johns +51,100
Mike Falzone +32,400
Matt Pond PA +40,000
LoveJones & Phys Edison +81,100
Legacy +61,100
PreZZure on “Offshore Drilling” produced by Kid Hum +58,600
Glass Waves +59,400
Fhernando +60,000
Djizoes +52,600
Steven Dunston +75,700
Total +1,082,600

FrostWire FrostClick promotions have now totaled over 1,725,000 downloads and a second compilation album is already on its way.

Artist’s Websites
(In order of appearance in the CD)
Sean Fournier, the first artist to believe in us, who then brought along other great artists like Mike Falzone.

Audra Hardt, our first rock and female artist to be promoted, all the way from LA.

Ray Sytes on MySpace, first hip hop promotion from New York.


Georgia Wonder, we put their torrent on The Pirate Bay tracker and with their help spreading the word the album got to the top 20 most popular music downloads in The Pirate Bay. We love Georgia Wonder and they always stay in touch via twitter.

K. Sparks on MySpace

Farkus’ Website

ESPSIX from Czech Republic, first dance promotion to show us what big download numbers could be.

Black ELement from Boston, a truly amazing rapper now a friend of the site and who’s now helping us promote Outasight, another hip hop artist that recently got signed.

Brad Sucks, one of the most prominent advocates of Creative Commons movement and one hell of an all round musician and singer.

Tiara the first R&B female singer to be promoted on FrostClick.

The Johns’ Website

So proud to be a part of this!

Mike Falzone

Matt Pond PA’s Website
LoveJones’ aka Mike Schpitz’s Website, a relentless hip hop artist who keeps pushing new singles month after month. Make sure you check out his cool videos.

Legacy on MySpace
Kid Hum on MySpace

Just got news that “Never Say Never” made the FrostClick compilation celebrating getting over 1Million downloads…Be sure to check out the compilation.

This is dope…What will we come up with next…Stay tuned!


We couldn’t be happier with the experience we’ve had working with you guys & would love to continue to do so. Our contacts in the St Louis media & music scene are definitely aware of FrostWire & FrostClick and the exposure we’ve gotten through you.

Glass Waves

Fhernando’s Website
Djizoes: Website (currently undergoing remodeling)
Steven Dunston’s Website

Here’s a Twitter List of the artists that have been promoted by FrostClick on FrostWire.

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  • that is great maybe or???? well see

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  • @FrostClick: FrostWire FrostClick CompilationVol 1 – first 1,000,000 downloads of 2009 FrostClick

  • slhagen

    was that really necessary???

  • Anonymous

    Hey, just to let you know, gospel music isn’t all about praying. Sometimes it’s just about life and it’s struggles and how it’s not the end. There is all kinds of gospel music. You can listen to gospel Rock, Rap, Heavy Metal, Jazz, etc. P.O.D is a christian band and they play on regular radio. Remember Stryper? Heavy Rock band back in the eighties, they were christian and everyone listened to them. Same with Kansas. I don’t know what musical genre you like. I like Rock. If you are interested, listen to a band called Petra, or Flyleaf, Skillet. They Rock! If you’re interested. Later.

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  • spirit_filled

    Amen once the Holy Spirit arrives the action sets in.

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  • imastaysaved

    To bad that he knows all and see all!

  • tpabucgirl

    aww too bad that you won't get to see all the people you loved in your life,

    Think of it this way…..what do you have to lose to believe when you have everything to lose not believing.

    God bless and I will pray for you 🙂

  • imastaysaved

    To bad that he knows all and see all!

  • tpabucgirl

    aww too bad that you won't get to see all the people you loved in your life,

    Think of it this way…..what do you have to lose to believe when you have everything to lose not believing.

    God bless and I will pray for you 🙂

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  • aj92111

    well i was kinda hoping to be able to read some actual comments on how the music that is in this 1+ million song download thing but instead you all find it more important to turn this into a religious bashery, one guy makes a comment on the kind of music he would like to see which was great, as far as i can see hes the only one that really commented on this, everyone else was either trying to bash on him or defend him and personally i dont really see the point of either at the moment. I’m glad he stood up and said what he’d like to see in the download personally im hoping that there isn’t a trace of Kanye F@$%ing West or any of that other crap but i know that there will be, so im gonna just accept it.

    Hopefully there is some All That Remains, Soilwork, As I Lay Dying, and mabe even some Blood Simple.

    my point is we all have different tastes, so Get Over the suggestion that Jaybirdrd made and try posting some real comments so that when other people look at this it wont waste their time too.

  • Anonymous

    What’s your favorite song on this album?

  • Anonymous

    how can i navigate frostwire to quickly find music my daughter wants, like all the songs being played in the US right now…but do it quickly…i’m lost

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    that so not cool justbecause yo dont like something or you dont belive in something doesnt make it right to judge!!!

  • Allan

    I have to ask, what is the legal aspect of this album? It looks interesting, but I can’t afford a mega-fine for downloading copyrighted music.

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  • Anonymous

    Allan, the album is completely free to download.

    You are free to download it, burn it, and re-distribute it if you will. Most of its material has been released under Creative Commons licenses, a new kind of copyright model that works well in the digital world of 2010.

    The whole point of this album is to show the availability of LEGAL and FREE world class quality music from independent artists that have a very commercial sound and appeal to the masses.

    As of now, this album has been downloaded over 240,000 times since it’s release, by the end of the week we expect it to break 250,000 copies.


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  • twogood1971

    kinda funny …let me ask you what year you live in? 2010 is it not…and just how did you arrive to that date….what made us start again at 0????? think about it

  • Anonymous

    haha damn all yall funny its interesting,
    keep on wit it !
    & quit hating on my niggah God, he’s the best

  • twogood1971

    kinda funny …let me ask you what year you live in? 2010 is it not…and just how did you arrive to that date….what made us start again at 0????? think about it

  • Anonymous

    where all gonna die anyway….problem solved

  • Anonymous

    wow your all fagz and needa get lives and lay off the crack every once in a while you stupid fuckin queerz and learn how to talk about 1 subject douche bagz

  • Anonymous

    All yo hipocrits in here talking about God and living the good life and yet you still steal money out of peoples pockets by downloading music illegally.

  • WhitneyElaine

    Excellent point! Underoath & Pillar are awesome also! God Bless

  • bad ass

    hey all you ” believers”, do u really believe or did the great business of religion manage to scare u to think everything they teach so they can be rich. if i was easily brainwashed i would pretend too. remember your “GOD” knows everything including your true feeling.

  • Christina

    That above comment is so disrespectful and if there were no God then you wouldn't be here.

  • thomaskami

    in all seriousness i feel as though this was the wrong place to start an online, nonconfrontational fight about ones own beliefes. whether you do or do not believe in a religion i feel as though you should keep it to your self rather than posting it online somewhere that everyone can see it. there is enough war going on in the world today due to religious disagreements why start one more online with a bunch of people that you dont know and may never know? everyone is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs but no one else has the right to tell them that their beliefs are wrong. perhaps you should stick to questions and comments that directly relate to music and such things that frost offers. in other words… get a life and stop blogging about whether or not you believe in god on a music site! someone needs to eddit this blog and remove all the religious comments… these are the same fights that are already tearing this counrty apart!

  • Jim

    Salt is my favorite

  • Jim

    Salt is my favorite

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