Stepping up in the indie scene is Wildlight‘s new musical project, Hers Was As Thunder which combines soul and electro music. Featuring seven electro funk tracks, the album explores the space between the notes, the earth’s undulating pulse, and the modern echoes of ancient rhythm.

Wildlight is built by the power team of Ayla Nereo and David Sugalski a.k.a The Polish Ambassador. The album was released under Jumpsuit Records, which was formed by Sugalski himself. It’s a platform for artists to release, collaborate, and tour internationally.

Sparking things up is Twirl Me. Bask in Ayla’s sweet soulful voice as it climbs and tumbles through crescendos and atmospheric harmonies. Conversation Between follows with a more rhythmic funk, blending eccentric beats and catchy tunes. The sound is reminiscent of the artist Lorde as it’s inescapable, spacey drum thump makes you feel that you’re listening to something really special.

In Save My Mind for Later, the musical duo crafts a seamless jungle of chimes, hip hop beats, and the right dose of texture.

Closing up the album with spacey, electro undertones is Live Inside a Dream. Press play and let this steady musical piece ease those nerves.

Wildlight has conceived a rare and fresh sound that can transport you to atmospheric musings but can also jumpstart a party.

Track List:
1.Twirl Me
2. Conversations Between
3. Rise
4. Oh Love
5. Dawn to Flight
6. Save My Mind for Later
7. Live Inside a Dream

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