Lady Murasaki’s first EP spreads the band’s unique sound that spans from jazz, pop, blues, and lounge. Released last February 2012, the collection features four tracks that will satisfy one’s musical craving.

Winter Solstice opens the EP with low, thick bass spinning a dark, strong energy in the core of the track. Nasal, powerful vocals that belts and curls at the right notes adds edge to the piece.

Serving a lighter, pop sensibility is Hope Is Still Around The Corner. The steady drum and guitar ensemble coupled with the angelic chorus makes this an ideal piece for easy-listening.


Coming from the same sonic mold as that of the previous track, Naked Truth also boasts an easily-digestible arrangement but with grungier vocals. Love Kidnapper, on the other hand, encapsulates the band’s pop genre with danceable beats and hooking drums that flawlessly escalates and hushes to give way to the vocals.

In this EP, Lady Murasaki has packaged themselves as a band that’s not afraid to test waters while maintaining an accessible sound.

Track List:
1. Winter Solstice
2. Hope Is Still Around the Corner
3. Naked Truth
4. Love Kidnapper

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