If you’re hoping to kick off 2014 with attitude, a fresh rap record might just do the trick.

Of course, we already have a collection in mind. That would be Hi-Rez‘s fifth and latest mixtape, Product of My Environment, which brims with a bravado and authenticity that we rarely see from urban releases nowadays. What gives?

Having went through an “extreme rough patch” for the past couple of years, the rapper has used his music as a sounding board to all his problems, resulting on a record that’s both heavily personal and unapologetically tongue-in-cheek at the same time.

Take the opening track, “Brandon Clark“, for example. It boasts early 2000’s arrangement, bold lyrics, and crisp beats that easily puts it along the leagues of the catchiest hip-hop singles of the period. (50 Cent? Eminem?) You know, a period when songs actually had sense

Treading along a more relaxed path are the songs “Lifted” and “Love & Fear“, talking about the beauty of life and striving hard to achieve your goals.

Surely, the 14-track mixtape will not disappoint. Give it a spin!

Track listing:
1. Brandon Clark
2. Poof
3. Ex-Girl
4. Fuck The World
5. Love & Fear
6. Definition
7. Zombie
8. Lifted
9. What’s Love
10. Jump Out The Window
11. Kobe Bryant
12. Can’t Take It
13. Me Against The World
14. Pornhub

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