“Dig Deep” is a refreshing answer to those dwindling ignorant people that still believe free independent music is inferior to the corporate variety of pop music. Just Plain Ant is an excellent producer of lush and groovin’ hip-hop by any standards. This new free and legal online album is from BlocSonic which is best known for their compilation series of net label music titled NetBloc. This is their first foray into a single artist album and they did Just Plain Ant proud… or is it the other way around?

The Richmond, Virginia based artist is at his best and he surrounds himself with equally talented rappers like Jay Slim, Sleaze, and Brad Oblivion.
I especially like the collaboration by Brad Oblivion and Just Plain Ant titled “In The Air” but it’s all good. I also love the soulful “That Goodbye” that reminds me a little of the old soul icons like Marvin Gaye or The Stylistics. This is a highly recommended album that will probably be remembered at the end of the year as one of the best online music productions.

Dig Deep is available in MP3 and Flac formats from the BlocSonic web site.

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