the_franzdiego_dotcom_ep_frontThe FranzDiego EP is a solo debut album from Franz Diego – a Minnesota rap artist and member ILLUMINOUS 3 band. I don’t really remember how I came across this EP, but I remember that I fell for the smart, sincere lyrics and tracks full of rhythm and base. A fellow Minnesota MC, Kyle “Guante” Myhre, wrote about him: “an indie rapper with personality, he weaves through each track spitting lines that are at once insightful, honest, funny and original. And his flow is smooth and conversational yet technically precise; it’s a joy to listen to.”

the_franzdiego_dotcom_ep_backFranzDiego is his real first name. “My parents named me that to show my German and Guatemalan roots. or Franz Diego is my stage name”, he says. This EP is his first solo project and as he claims the most in depth and personal. He writes about things most relevant to him: ” love, relationships, having fun, thinking, questioning, standing up for what I believe in, encouragement, etc…”

Franz Diego is very active musically on all fronts – he is a member of a hip-hop group called Illuminous 3 with Mavin MC and Freez and is currently in the process of forming another group called Grips of Syrup with Greg Grease of the Usual Suspects and his “homie” Micah. Franz Diego is also does The Beat Box radio show on radio K with DJ Noam the Drummer in Minneapolis and is a host of his own podcast.

Check out the album and let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment below.

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