Sounds that are part of our day without distraction. Sounds that keep you working, studying, running errands, writing, all while giving us an opportunity to take a little break if we feel like it. This is exactly what Broke for Free is offering. The chillwave, electronic, beautifully crafted tracks to keep going. In his latest album XXVII, you can expect to find 15 such tracks. Have fun with it.


Broke For Free, Tom Cascino, is an Oakland native. As a self-proclaimed bedroom producer, BFF records and produces from his bed, but as he further explains “It’s a queen size though so it’s all good”. XXVII is a second album featured here on FrostClick. So if all of the sudden you are craving more great music check out our first review here, or head straight for BFF’s SoundCloud page, link below.
So take a dive and chill with this one smooth mix of sounds.

Track list:
1. Tabulasa 03:25
2. Beyond Dazed 04:25
3. Smoke Sill 03:54
4. Crumbs 04:33
5. High Hopes 03:10
6. Playground Pigeon 02:45
7. Lemonfade 04:52
8. Panorama Shama 03:27
9. ALM 28 03:25
10. Bloom Key 03:45
11. Plants 03:16
12. Chroma 02:52
13. Bela & The Whale 04:03
14. A Day In Reverse 03:43
15. Pause, Go 04:20

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