(Blink 182, Green Day, New Found Glory)

Silver Rocket: Silver Rocket

Italian band Silver Rocket is making plenty of good noise in the indie music scene. Ever since releasing their five song self-titled EP last November 2010, the three-piece crew has been gaining plenty of interest. Creating a punk and alternative concoction that is catchy and enjoyable; this 26 minute EP is released under German netlabel, afmusic , and offered absolutely free. Enjoy a great blend of garage rock with heartstopping beats, dirty guitars and straight out rock and roll. You can grab the download here by hitting the Download Album link or the image. You can also get it from the afmusic website. It's not earth-shattering but it's certainly worth it.

Quentin: A Gig At The Dachshund Breeder’s Club House

Quentin is a German band that spits out punk rock tracks that you might not understand but is definitely a hell-of-a-lot-of fun to listen to. This three piece German band has definitely got spunk and tons of attitude. A Gig At The Dachshund Breeder's Club House is said to be more than one-year in the making yet it seems to be the product of a spontaneous live performance or get together in the studio. It has plenty of energy, attitude and a touch of cheekiness here and there. Definitely a cool 7-track compilation worth checking out. It's a bit of pop, Brit rock, new wave and punk all rolled into one interesting and upbeat record. Give it a download.

Plastic People: Good As You

Good As You by the Plastic People is a mix of electronic indie hipster pop that's super catchy and easy to dance to. Released on German netlabel, afmusic, the band's sound is littered with catchy beats, electronic samples, and hipster vocals. This French band knows how to trigger a happy, non-stop music fanfare when it comes to their music. Their sound is poppy with great hints of electro punk and social commentary. Even if you are not a strict fan of the genre, you'll still enjoy this one. The compilation is offered absolutely free from BandCamp and certainly worth having a go at.

Frontregen: Frontregen

Frontregen is an indie Austrian band that create an eclectic pop punk indie rock sound. Their sound is characteristic of female sweet sounding vocals, a mix of alternative rock/pop beats and indie sensibilities. This self-titled album is a first for the group. It was released back in December 2010 and so far it's showcasing a lot of promise for this 5 piece crew. The entire album resonates with passion and energy; skillfully balancing a hard rock punk edge with that of sweet, pop folkish vocals. It's certainly worth checking out if you are a fan of these genres on their own.

Bad Fate: Olympic City

Fairly new in the music business, Bad Fate, releases a debut record filled with raw emotions, noise and a good amount of energy to keep everyone beaming happy. Production values might not be top notch on this one but it certainly has a rawness that is fresh and interesting. Olympic City comes with seven noisy grunge tracks juxtaposed with beautiful feminine shouty vocals (occasional male vocals too). Think Chrissy Hynde if she decided to scream her way through most of their songs. Check out this indie pop grunge sound by downloading the album. It's available for free in Jamendo.

Motorama: Alps

Russian fivesome, Motorama, has been steadily building a solid fanbase with their post-punk, Joy Division-inspired sound. The group has been around since 2005 but they only released their first full length album last year entitled, Alps. The sound isunmistakablya clash of new wave, 80s sound with slightly danceable beats and monotone vocals. Inspired by some of the more prominent bands in the past decades, they also cite The Strokes and The Coral as bands that they grew up listening to.

Hard Girls: Hello

Hard Girls' Hello is a wonderful indie pop rock compilation that'll put you in a good mood. Its mix of alternative indie rock with super catchy pop beats makes this a winner. Fronted by former Shinobu vocalist, Mike Huguenor; the album brings a sound that's reminiscent of the California Bay band along with a touch of something fresh and new. Packed with 7 upbeat, rockish tracks; the record features one catchy song after another. With members coming from two prominent indie rock bands in the area, Shinobu and Pteradon, the record doesn't disappoint in hauling plenty of rock spunk . Download the album for free on Quote Unquote Records by hitting the download album link on top left.

The Taxpayers: To Risk So Much For One Meal

Listening to The Taxpayers, means undergoing plenty of mixed emotions. From anger, to confusion, to doubt, relief, happiness, joy, and everything in between; it's like a rollercoaster of sound that makes you sick, but in a good kind of way. Mixing punk, ska, country, folk and so much more in between, To Risk So Much For One Meal, is filled with plenty of exciting cuts to check out. This is a follow-up record for this Portland, Oregon group and it seems they're still continually evolving their sound. Compared to their previous record, this one adds a little more punk rock to the mix; resulting in a louder, "angstier" but definitely more enjoyable record. Grab it right now and have a great time bouncing around to this one.

Very Okay: Small Loud

Very Okay is one of the latest bands hosted by indie donation based netlabel, Quote Unquote Records. This Brooklyn based group is made up of members coming from several prominent indie rock bands in the area. Together, they create upbeat indie pop rock with hints of punk. Small Loud is a short compilation that rushes through 6 punchy fast pop tracks. The record is a burst of upbeat instruments, sweet lyrics, great vocal work, as well as fast rhythms. It's a short but excellent record that's filled with fun times. Give the album a download and don't forget to give a little something for the band if you like it.