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K. Sparks: The Trilogy Chapter 3: The Resurrection

New York based rapper, K. Sparks, hits up the airwaves again by putting a final cap to his Trilogy series. This latest release is entitled Chapter 3: The Resurrection. This new effort comes doused with 19 hot tracks that are true to K. Sparks fashion. It's filled with catchy beats, great skills and an awesome vibe to it. Like his previous releases, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, this compilation also sees several talented artists and producers contributing their skills. Artists and musicians like Wordsmith, Laëtitia Dana, Jeff Chery, and Ahmad , to name a few, pitch in their talents to complete this record. If you love the sound of K. Sparks and have followed this awesome series, then you definitely shouldn't miss this one. He pulls out all the stops and hands out great tracks one after the other.

Dylan Rodrigue: Stars and Scars EP

Known for his vocal work on indie rock trio, The Shreds, Dylan Rodrigue tries his hand on solo work. Stars and Scars EP is a 4 track compilation filled with the characteristic sweet voice of Rodgue, coupled with indie folk guitar work and a slight rockish feel. The album showcases Rodigue's capability as a solo artist and features tracks ranging from indie rock to moody, quiet folk music. Perfect music for an afternoon escape.

trustno1: Unless…

Expressive progressive rock that lulls you to 80s dreamland. Okay, if you are like me and you speak nada French, then you might have trouble looking for and understanding information about this band. One thing is for sure though, Trustno1 makes bands like The Cure proud. the groups 31st album release in Jamendo. It comes equipped with seven 80s inspired pop rock which extends to progressive mode once in awhile. It may not be the best there is on the genre, but it's certainly worth a listen.

Zero-Project “Fairytale” – floating away in dreamy musicals

Fairytale by Zero Project is a dreamy music album filled with almost magical notes and dazzling instrumentals. It features 13 tracks which would surely remind you of your long lost childhood dreams which are comprised of pianos, strings, violins, glockenspiels, wind instruments and a whole lot more. Relive your own fairytales of a knight, a princess and a castle in the middle of a lush meadow filled with all things magical. This album is meant to make your dreams come true.

Boom Boom Beckett: Vélos

Italian band Boom Boom Beckett presents Vélos, an album featuring soft and sexy Italian lounge music. The 8-track music album ranges from soft jazz-like music, to the faster blues-like music. Almost each of the music track features the sexy sound of saxophone, paired with a little play on the bass and the drum beats, so be prepared to feel a little sexy while swaying your hips.

Triplexity’s ‘Between Light and Shadow’ – smooth, groovy & sultry nujazz

Triplexity's Between Light and Shadow is a nujazz album fused with different genres to offer a bit of something to everybody. It features 12 tracks of different kinds of lounge music ranging from oriental to breakbeat. Triplexity is the combination of the words 'Triplex' and 'Complexity', mainly because it is made up of three musicians from different countries and culture, giving their music a touch of each of their personalities.

J.E.L.L.i “A Jolly J.E.L.L.i Christmas” – holiday music with a twist

It's Christmas once again, and you are now probably hearing Christmas carols everywhere - TV advertisements, in the malls, and even in the streets, perhaps. Tired of the usual and traditional Christmas carols? Try J.E.L.L.i.'s version of the carols that we all know - and you would surely have a smile stuck on your face. With six cuts packed in his Christmas album, A Jolly J.E.L.L.i. Christmas puts a whole new twist to the tunes we've grown up with and learned to love.

Bézèd’h “Les Illuminés” – celtic, rock, violins, guitars and drums fused into one

Unique and appealing music; that is what we simply want to find as we dive into an ocean of music collection found in the internet - and Bézèd'h does just hat with their album Les Illuminés. With 13 tracks of various genre fusions such as rock, celtic, drums and violins all rolled into one, this album is surely one of those which can leave your head bobbing. Oh and did we say that they also got interesting male vocals with classical strings?

tet production “Boum Boum” – an off-beat mix of different music styles

A lot of times, the kinds of music which leave impressions in your memory are out of this world, weird-sounding and unconventional. Take Tet Production's Boum Boum album as a good example - once you start playing it, you are not going to be sure as to how the next tracks would sound. With fresh and intriguing styles of hip-hop, electro, jungle and dance genres all in one album, Boum Boum is a very different album which is sure to leave a lasting impression in your musical mind.