If you are searching for another free laid-back album to add to your music collection, we are presenting you with G-Strings by TenGooz. Hailing from Japan, TenGooz features smooth and jazzy music with a band of musicians from all over the world.

With a wide array of music fusions & a taste of bossa nova and saxophones, these smooth tracks from TenGooz’s G-Strings are perfect companions for a quiet night and a champagne, or perhaps a lazy afternoon in a hammock right on the beach.

TenGooz is composed of five people: Avi, Thomas, Michael, HaseG and A Chan. Although they are all based in Japan now, these people came from around the world to bring their music to their listeners.


Avi does the vocals. He was born in New York City and lives in Japan since he was a university student. Thomas, the guitarist, is from England and is mostly into playing Christian music. Michael is from Germany. He started his career as a clarinet player and is now as the band’s saxophonist. HaseG is from Japan and he plays bass. A Chan, also from Japan, serves as the band’s drummer.

It’s nice to see how music has brought together a lot of nationalities under one band, and playing such great pieces of music.

A really nice cut in this album is Beach Bossa Nova, which truly captures how lazying on the beach sounds like. With smooth saxophone melodies, a laid-back drum background, and witty lyrics, it’s almost impossible not to sway or tap your feet with this music.

We guess that G-Strings would be another keeper in your media player. Take it with you the beach or give it to that special someone as you play it in one of your romantic nights together. You’d definitely get (ten)goozbumps.

“The TenGooz take you around the world.
But always keep you GROUNDED IN GROOVE.”

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