Rarely do we discover an artist that has the ability to gather, combine, and create fresh music from ordinary sound. Flamingosis does just that.

Flamingosis is the moniker of music producer Aaron Velasquez, who finds one-of-a-kind beauty from different musical influences. The name Flamingosis is derived from a freestyle move in Frisbee that his father invented.

In Bright Moments, the New Jersey-based artists prepares fifteen mood-enducing tracks that are both magical and seductive.

Title track Bright Moments (Feat. The Kount) opens with much grandeure. Jazz-tinged melodies with pronounced wind, brass, and aerophones welcome the ears. These are then slowly combined with laid-back hiphop tunes to elicit relaxed feel-good beats.

Make me late for breakfast plays with eccentric hip hop beats interlaced with soulful melodies. The result is a musical gem that’s rich with luscious, velvety layers of pure musical bliss.

A personal favorite, Brunch at the bodega is a stellar example of tradition and modernity coming together into one organic piece. Traditional African hymn opens the song and then slowly blends to soulful horns and steady hip-hop beats.

Bright Moments is an awesome collection of hip-hop/funk hybrids that you can listen to every time, every day. Flamingosis is a magician when it comes to mixing tunes, breathing fresh air to old samples while maintaing their beauty.

Track List:
1. Bright Moments (Feat. The Kount)
2. Make me late for breakfast
3. Next to you
4. Flight of The Flamingo
5. feelings of sentimentality due to getting curved
6. Believe in Me
7. Brunch at the bodega
8. All Natural (feat. Tom Ribbons)
9. An 8 ball affair
10. Casanova
11. Airplane Mode
12. what went wrong?
13. Sunset Park
14. Ohhh Baby
15. Passing By (feat. Birocratic)

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