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Paolo Pavan “Looking for a Way Out” – CC licensed modern jazz

Pianist Paolo Pavan has been previously reviewed here for his excellent jazz album titled Inside. The title refers to his fondness for mainstream tonal jazz which he continues to explore on Looking For a Way Out. Yet, as the title implies, Pavan becomes a bit more exploratory. Aside from his rather prodigious talent on keyboards, the musician also displays a gift at arranging. There is also some impressive soloing by Daniele Arena on trumpet, Davide Marinacci on tenor sax and Michele Villari on alto and soprano saxophones. If you are at all interested in modern jazz, you should like this.

The TenGooz “G-Strings” – a jazzy, funky, bossa play of strings

If you are searching for another laid-back album to add to your music collection, we are presenting you with G-Strings by TenGooz. Hailing from Japan, TenGooz features smooth and jazzy music with a band of musicians from all over the world. With a wide array of music fusions & a taste of bossa nova and saxophones, these smooth tracks from TenGooz's G-Strings are perfect companions for a quiet night and a champagne, or perhaps a lazy afternoon in a hammock right on the beach.

Acoustic Lounge (Live) by DO-UP – chill out, listen and relax

A fresh cocktail in hand, some soft waves and cool sand under your feet while you listen to a live jazz band might be the perfect, idyllic moment you will think about while listening to this album. Smooth voices, calm rhythms and the distinctive jazz melodies could really get you in that mood. So sit down and relax while listening to Acoustic Lounge Live by DO-UP. With only 4 tracks in their live album, it will give you 27 minutes of that perfect music right out of your speakers, earphones or headphones.