70s rock

Hypatia Lake: Ouroboros

It's easy to spot which iconic rock band has inspired much of Hypatia Lake's' sound. From the magnificent dirty guitars, those shouty vocals and a dark, sinister vibe; Ouraboros channels quite a bit of Sabbath and Led Zeppelin in its tracks. Hailing from Seattle, Ouroboros is the fourth record from the crew. It's a concept album of sorts as the band has created unique tracks that revolve around the epic battles and excursion of protagonist, Rose Marie. Serving as a nice throwback to 70s rock and expansive concept records, the album flourishes and entices listeners to enter into its sonic landscape.

Helldorados – Just Rock

Hardcore rock and roll that spells out what it means to have balls. Okay, so maybe I'm just a sucker for bands that don't take themselves too seriously, but still make fun, kickin' music. Helldorados is definitely this type of band, hence, falling for them is not very difficult. Just Rock is a compilation of 11 tracks that are as rock and roll as can be. It's a mix of late 80s glam rock, with the chant vocals, and guitar licks. Although it might not be "spectacular," the album is good fun to listen to especially if you want to pass away the time.

The Liquid Kitchen “2 Days A Night” – It’s the 70s All Over Again

60s/70s sounding rock with Neil Young soundalike vocals. People will love The Liquid Kitchen for the same reason that they love old rock and roll music. 2 Days A Night compiles one catchy track after another, tie it together with enjoyable lyrics, clean guitar licks and you have yourself a great rock and roll band. This is all on top of the Neil Young sounding vocals which is an obvious attraction in itself. Like their hometown of Texas, The Liquid Kitchen is a big act to watch out for. With their brand of simple, chanty lyrics and melodic rhythms fused with 60s and 70s rock, this band is surely no horse with no name.

The Singletons by The Singletons – British Mod Influenced Spanish Scenesters

No nonsense garage rock with a surfer's flair. When hearing The Singletons for the first time, you would automatically think it was an updated version of the Kinks. A mix of surfer music, brit pop rock garage combined with slightly offbeat enunciation. However, The Singletons are in fact from Barcelona and released their brand of music only about 2-3 years ago. Although this type of music has been played and re-played by various other bands, there's no doubt that it sill holds its appeal under the hands of this band. Check out their 11 tracks and judge for yourself.