German trio, Sunday Chocolate Club, establishes their brand of punk, power pop and indie rock. You Look Much Better Undressed is the group’s second EP. It contains four tracks that are filled with rolling drums, fast and danceable beats, slightly nasal Brit singing and just good fun.

The group was formed back in 2005 as remnants of bands, The Purse and Twist got together. This EP only contain 4 tracks but they are enough to showcase where the band is good at: creating danceable punk pop.

The record is available for free download on Jamendo under a creative commons license. It’s a fun EP that’s perfect for a Saturday night party or if you simply feel like head bobbing your way to the evening. Opening with the uber-catchy, Good Time, the group easily catches your attention with this punchy opener. I’m not going to deny that it sounds like any typical British indie pop punk band, but that’s what makes it so good. The tune is easily familiar and likable so you won’t have to worry too much about liking it.

Meanwhile, title track You Look Much Better Undressed reminds me of a Sex Pistols romp. The singing and the fast drums lean more towards punk than new wave. It’s not as catchy as the first track but it keeps up the energy of the EP without even curbing it down a bit.

Somewhere Between Day and Night is perhaps the most “subdued” track in this short compilation. Although this one simply leans more on the Kaiser Chiefs/ Strokes sound, the group still manages to squeeze in a catchy hook onto the track. Finally, Leave Another Day incorporates the group’s characteristic beat with what I like to call, “indie wailing.”

Overall, this EP is a catchy and entertaining album to have. It’s a bit too short but I guess it leaves little room for you to get sick of the tracks. Check these guys out.

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