Creaky Old Memory is a beautifully rendered platformer that’s a bit creepy in terms of storyline but still quite interesting to play. As Tatiana, players are tasked to explore every nook and cranny of the house to help uncover the lead character’s past.

Solve puzzles and find ways to overcome obstacles. Collect items to help Tatiana remember her past in this artsy yet emotional puzzle game.

Creaky Old Memory cleverly combines several elements of gameplay into its system. For instance, the first part of the game would require you to look for several paintings in the house. You have to explore and take these paintings as you go on your way. Afterwards, the puzzle element comes into play since after you have collected the paintings; you will need to look for clues that would indicate anything about your past.

As you go through the paintings, parts of Tatiana’s memories are revealed, albeit shown in a sequence of collages. Some of the pictures are a bit morbid and quite disturbing but taking the context and background of the main character, it makes sense.

Although the game mechanics is a bit meaningless, the delivery of the game, the back story and presentation make it worth playing. Pretty much, it’s beauty lies in its unconventional approach and storyline; making it a great example of platformer games deviating from the norm.

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