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Gravity Bone

Gravity Bone is a short game that features a tale of espionage, fun and gorgeous graphics and gameplay that clocks in at, more or less, 20 minutes. However, despite this short game time, the game provides great depth in characters and actually works great in sucking you into its own world. Follow and complete all the mission objectives as a secret agent and complete all stages of the game, yes, all two levels of it.


Bright turquoise background? Check. Purple blocks? Check. Cute little characters? Check. Meet Eversion, even though it looks like another cutesy platformer game, try playing it and you might be in for a surprise. The game looks deceptively simple thanks to its bright, cheery graphics, but it is pretty difficult to beat and will pretty much mess with your brain. So, if you are in hard core game mode and miss the challenges of a Nintendo game. Eversion is the game to try out.


SudoCue is one of the many Sudoku-based games available for free download online. There's no doubt that Sudoku has become quite a staple for brain puzzler enthusiasts. It's easy to play, it's challenging and some even claim that it helps to improve your mathematical skills. I'm not too sure whether it does or it doesn't but you can definitely have some fun solving those Sudoku puzzles with SudoCue.

Karoshi Factory

Looking for a quick, simple game that's fun to play? Karoshi Factory is one game that fits that exact description. This is one of several Karoshi games developed by indie game developer, Jesse Venbrux. Karoshi Factory is a basic game that's filled with humor. However, don't be fooled by its simplicity. The game is pretty much challenging and will definitely keep you on your game toes as you go through all 25+ levels.

Sticky Notes Shooter

If you are a big indie gaming freak, then you might have heard of Petri Purho and at least one of his really cool creations. The Finnish game developer is known for his exciting and experimental games. Games like Cut It and this one, Sticky Notes Shooter (Post I.T. Shooter) is simply a few that you might want to try out. In Sticky Notes Shooter, you fight off alien space invaders in the form of sticky notes. It's a fun and extremely visually creative game that you'd definitely enjoy playing.