Looking for something loud to start the New Year? You should check out My Hear To Joy and their release, Seasons in Verse. This is the first full album for the group and so far things are looking promising.

The crew is a big one with seven people driving the band’s core. Together, these Kensington, CT natives create music that is a mix punk, metal and indie. Complete with short punchy rhythm and in-your-face rockin’ these guys know how to capture your attention and get their message across.

This album is a follow up to the EP they released last year, Virgins Sail, where the boys were decidedly more aggressive. This time around, they’re taking a loud yet more polished rock path with their sound.

Kickstarting everything with a two minute alternative rock instrumental called, Time Spent Breathing; the song gently sweeps and sways as it starts before building up to a rockish pitch. It perfectly sets the mood for the album and prepares the listeners for a loud and complicated 11 tracks to follow.

Title cut, Seasons in Verse, sounds like a half scream with strained vocals blurting out the lyrics. It features a catchy and intricate instrument work that goes from midtempo to fast rock within seconds. It’s this combination of hardcore and mellow/indie rock that helps the band gouge a niche for themselves.

Meanwhile, Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory is a cover track from Guided By Voices. One of those unexpected covers you normally wouldn’t associate with a group that had its beginnings in screamo. Finally, they finish off the album with a fitting cut, Watch Me Live. It’s epic, containing guitar swells, screaming raspy vocals, and a much louder Coldplay-esque vibe.

Personally, I really enjoyed this record. The complex network of instruments and the hodge podge of rock genres work great for the band. One of those albums you put on if you like to dissect the flesh of songs and not settle for the facade.

You can grab this one at a name-your-price option over at BandCamp. It might be two years old but this one still has everything you need for a rocking great time.

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