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Born From A Shore’s Friends

Born From a Shore's five track EP, Friends, is a luscious indie folk pop compilation filled with twinkling background sounds and cool vocals. Although it's hard to find information about this group, (I think they're French) their EP is still worth listening to. Friends comes with 5 catchy tracks that incorporates a cool pop, sometimes laid-back jazzy kind of vibe. The vocal harmonies are excellent and the quality of the recording is quite good as well. It's very clear and crisp; very professional. Go ahead and take a listen to this wonderful EP. It'll take you to a dreamy landscape filled with wonderful strings, awesome melodies and sweet vocals.

Kellee Maize – Hasta Abajo (All The Way Down)

One of FrostClick's favorite artists, Kellee Maize, has just released a single from her upcoming album, Integration. Known around as THE female rapper (try googling it!), her last release "Aligned Archetype" has been downloaded over 300k and has reached #1 on Amazon MP3s downloads. Hasta Abajo (All The Way Down) adds a new spin to Kellee Maize sound with new reggaeton beats complementing her, as always, thoughtful and well written lyrics. To top all that, the music video is top quality as well.

Welcome To Ashley: Beyond the Pale

When it comes to talent and unstoppable, riveting on-stage performance, Welcome to Ashley definitely deserves more than a pat on the back. These Chicago natives have compiled 9 powerpop indie rock tracks that's filled with hipster vocals and interesting hooks. Beyond the Pale is the group's follow-up to Absent Man, their first EP. With punchy, shorter and more catchy cuts in this full album, it's a definite crowd pleaser for any indie rock junkie.

Hot Fiction: Dark Room

Hot Fiction is a singing duo from England made up of Andy Yeoh on drums/vocals and Simon Miller on guitars. Now, from the opener "Start if Off," it's hard not to liken the group to another famous duo, The White Stripes. With their pounding drum beats and signature jangly guitars, Hot Fiction is definitely on the right track. Dark Room nicely blends jazz, blues, garage and hardrock into one fine and very hot mess.

whynotme: The Rise of the Big Fat Bastard

Formed back in 2005, Whynotme is a five man band from Nordic country, Norway. The Rise of the Big Fat Bastard is the band's first full length album. It's a collection of 10 fast paced, stylish and very punk rock tracks that breathes a lot of energy. Although the band claims that it was recorded in "poor condition," it's actually not bad. Better yet, its filled with fun and catchy tracks that's hard to let go.