Fast-paced, ballsy rock and roll. Dragstrip Rodeo is a three piece rock band hailing from “D-Town.” Their music is characteristic of rolling, fast drums, electrifying guitars and screaming yet coherent vocals that will definitely let you take notice and rock on.

Featuring rock tracks that pounce and bite back, this 5 song release is definitely one worth checking out.

Dragstrip Rodeo certainly knows how to get their listeners going. They feature tracks that are passionate, loud and fast; with each track clocking in at less than 4 minutes. Their fast, hard rock numbers are reminiscent of Avenged Sevenfold, as they combine clear almost melodic vocals to thundering drums and concrete guitars.

Tracks like Brandnew Song and Motorbull are some of the best cuts in the album, although each song definitely has its appeal. It’s perfect for those who are looking to inject some hard rock into their otherwise mundane afternoon. Basically, it’s an album that has its merits and will certainly please every hard rocker out there.

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