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Dragstrip Rodeo: Dragstrip Rodeo

Fast-paced, ballsy rock and roll. Dragstrip Rodeo is a three piece rock band hailing from "D-Town." Their music is characteristic of rolling, fast drums, electrifying guitars and screaming yet coherent vocals that will definitely let you take notice and rock on. Featuring rock tracks that pounce and bite back, this 5 song release is definitely one worth checking out.

Abscondo: Fo(u)r Colors

After deciding to move from Seattle to the country of Slovakia, Abscondo, started recording his first few indie pop acoustic tracks. According to the artist, his moniker not only serves as a nice artist name but it also reflects his own lifestyle. Fo(u)r Colors is a 4 track EP that includes songs from his new and upcoming album. His first release Midnight Show is also available for free download and is quite popular in Jamendo.

Fauna: Have u ever talked to angels?

Have u Ever Talked to Angels? is Fauna's third and highly anticipated release. It's been long overdue (four years to be exact) and features gorgeous triphop darkwave sounds that's coupled with enigmatic vocals on several tracks. The album is filled with 10 tracks that embody different emotions and soundscapes; conjuring up an interesting dream sequence and a whole range of emotions ranging from fear to anxiety, uncertainty and self-assurance. Perfect for a moody afternoon.

Starting Somewhere: Relax

Starting Somewhere's music album Relax features relaxing beats and melodies with a touch of trip-hop. Perfect as a lounge music, all of its 13 tracks greatly describe the album's name. Featuring Andy Natusch as the only member, this talented guy uses his own guitar, keyboard, turntables and beat machine to bring a fresh compilation of relaxing music to us.