For a free game, Intense Racing is undeniably self-assured. It challenges players like you to take the game on and become the world’s fastest racer. All you have to do is download the game, choose from among 12 cars, and race on one of the 15 race tracks available. The mechanics sound easy enough, until you get to the real meat of the game: the actual race. Although controlling the car is easy enough, maneuvering past the opponents can be problematic.

The graphics of the game are solid. For a game that’s 24,5 MB large, the visuals are quite impressive. Of course, you won’t find the same realistic graphical quality in more advanced video game platforms that you actually buy for a hefty price, but Intense Racing can work for you. It definitely has for me.

With wide features to boast, it also has amazing replayability. There are seven race cars to choose from, each one customized in looks and specifications. As for the tracks in the game, there are 15 to choose from. All these tracks are set in interesting places all around the world.


As for the game’s difficulty, there are three options to choose from. This variability of difficulty, for me, proves just how sensitive this game is to players. Driving a car can take a little getting used to, and while you’re in the learning curve, you can opt for the easy level first.

There are not much bad things to be said about Intense Racing. The graphics are solid, and the different race tracks and cars should be able to interest you for a while. Though there are definitely more complex racing games out there, Intense Racing is a breeze to come across. Here is a game that is accessible, can easily by installed in Windows, and does not take up much hard disk space. That’s a win-win situation, if you ask me.

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