This 3 song (aptly titled) Demo from Manors is a lo-fi bedroom recording of tracks from this cool girl band. Each track is raw and showcases a beautiful indie pop sound that you can only imagine as being more awesome if it had been professionally recorded and mastered.

Even though the tracks have sub-par recording, it does contain a beautiful feel to it. The scratchy recording captures the spontaneity and the beauty of each instrument. Moreover, the experience is heightened by the 70s style vocal unison which is very pretty in places.

Give this short a demo a run over and see whether you’ll like it or not. One thing’s for sure, this sweet compilation is destined as background music for plenty of summer fun.

There are only 3 tracks included in this mini demo. It opens with the super catchy cut, Pick My Brain. The tambourine and the background harmony is simply lovely. It does bring to mind some fun under the sun during a 70s summer. The guitars are very raw but this makes the cut even more appealing.

The Things That I Would Do To You is the second track. It contains quirky lyrics and an easy going feel; perfect for hanging out with your girlfriends in the park or maybe your front porch. Just chilling and relaxing. Finally, the Demo is capped off with the semi mellow Mud and Milk. There’s a twinkling sound that adds to the lullaby feel of the song. The cut also has a dreamy appeal that makes it quite lovable and easy to like.

This Demo EP was released in BandCamp back in September 2010. It’s available at a name-your-price option. You can donate and help out the artists or simply put in $0 on the price option. Despite the demo being unpolished, there’s still an endearing and honest feel to the tracks that make them even more likable. Give it a go.

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