This dreamy bedroom folk compilation is simply breathtaking. Like the album cover image, it’s cold, desolate, moody and simply ethereal; all in a good way. A Softness is only 5 songs long but every cut is worth listening to and downloading.

Sea Birds is actually Morgan Enos. He is a talented songwriter/singer and he has released several records available for free download on CLLCT. This multi-instrumentalist and folk singer is definitely worth checking out.

No matter what moniker he uses, he manages to capture you with his sweet voice and amazing instrument work. A real gem for plenty of indie folk lovers out there.

A Softness combines the lovely sweet sound of lo-fi pop with indie folk rock. As mentioned, there are only 5 cuts on this mini EP, but each one is as lovely as the other. Opening with the amazing, A Starling Appears, this simple track serves as a lovely morning lullaby. Perfect for cold winter mornings and silent reverie. It’s a beautiful track that skillfully combines the banjo and laid-back vocals.

Cassiopeia is another endearing love song that showcases the artists’ beautiful instrument work. The nice thing with Enos is that he is capable of creating songs that are simple yet full of lush melody. The vocal work is amazing as well. Even though the song is a bit short (just a little over 2 minutes) it sill manages to cram in so many gorgeous harmonies in this 2 minute period.

Overall, this might be a short EP but it is certainly very sweet and worth every space in your hard drive. Download the album by clicking on the individual tracks on the CLLCT page. Alternatively, you can hit the small little arrow next to the songs. For lyrics, visit Morgan Enos’ blog.

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