You’ve probably sung in the bathroom at least once in a month because you just couldn’t sing in front of your friends or other people. You shiver at the thought of singing on stage or- heaven forbid – in karaoke. While other people sing shyly in karaoke bars, others sing in the comforts of their home – all thanks to Ultrastar Deluxe!

Inspired by the Singstarâ„¢ game on the Playstation®, UltraStar Deluxe is an open source karaoke software for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It lets up to 6 players sing along using microphones to score points. And yes, it’s for free.

Now who says that you couldn’t sing your heart out?

UltraStar Deluxe scores your song by your pitch and rhythm, so better make sure that you sing in tune and with right timings. Don’t worry, you’d be able to see an interactive graph that shows you if your voice goes too high or too low, although it may sound easier than it really is.

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You can download available songs from UltraStar Deluxe’s website, (yes, they provide ready-made karaoke files for your favorite songs under Creative Commons!) or you can choose to use your own MP3’s. You may visit their support page and download the corresponding text file for the lyrics. It supports various file types like MPG, AVI and FLV to serve as your song’s background video. You may also choose to just display a blank background, or a JPG. It also has various themes to choose from to fully customize your UltraStar Deluxe’s interface.


UltraStar Deluxe can be played alone, or with your friends. It has support for up to 6 players so you’re sure that you won’t have a boring party next time. Plug in USB microphones to your laptop or desktop and sing away with your friends, or use your headsets for a more private karaoke session.

It also offers various settings on how you view the lyrics, provide rhythmic beat help, fix the threshold of your voice, or even change the lyrics into do-re-mi for voice practice. You can make your own playlist so you and your friends can sing continuously without having to stop and choose another song when it finishes.

UltraStar Deluxe is definitely one cool game that will let you scream…err, sing in your own room with music and lyrics. Say goodbye to singing songs with lyrics you don’t even know in the bathroom!

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