Hazard: The Journey of Life is a dreamlike new game that takes you on a journey through life. It’s a first person game where you don’t fire any guns or even have any enemies. Instead, it focuses on taking you to a trip down the many facets and complexities of life.  The game was among the Grand Prize Winner in the Make Something Unreal as well as awarded Best Game in Game Connect Asia Pacific.

The game features a unique and mindblowing graphic design that places a visual form in the abstract concepts of life. It’s an interesting 3D adventure game that requires patience and an open mind in trying to figure out what life wants you to do. Definitely a must-try if you are into challenging experimental games. When playing Hazard, be prepared to encounter a smorgasboard of vibrant colors and phantasmagoric images. The game is defined by its bold and futuristic graphics that lurk at almost every corner.

You won’t find any enemies or anything to shoot in this game. You’ll be dabbling instead in trying to figure out various puzzles you encounter. These are often related to things concerning life. Moreover, just like in real life, nothing is ever as it seems. The world is ever changing; one minute you are staring at a boxed space while in another you are staring at a colorful void.

When starting out, you first begin inside the HoloChamber, which serves as your anchor point throughout the game. It’s possible to teleport to any other room from here by simply pressing the ESC key. A map will be provided; showing you the places or rooms you have already explored.  As you discover this world, you will encounter messages and clues plastered on walls. There’s really no direct storyline for the game. It’s main aim, instead, is simply to get you to ask the questions yourself and possibly provide answers.

Overall, the game is an entirely new experience. If you are up for a challenge, then give this one a go. Although it’s a bit tedious to download the game, (you need the Unreal Tournament 3 and the 2.0 patch installed first) before it will run. It’s definitely worth the trouble.

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