Be prepared to be in for some cuteness. Corruption is a cool game that ‘s filled with colorful and fluffy creatures, spunky dragons and lots of hugs. The game lets you play as Bummer, the dragon harbinger of doom and evil. Your goal is to create havoc on this cute and peaceful land.

You’ll find yourself thrashing in purple landscapes, polluting and spreading corruption among the sweet, colorful creatures that you come across.

Corruption features a fun gameplay. Even if you think that the cutesy graphics are an eyesore, you might change your mind after playing the game. Created by 5 students, the game is refreshing and quite engaging; give it a go by downloading it here in Frostclick or hopping over to the game site.As Bummer, your goal is to spread all the chaos and corruption you have into the land around you. You can convert one type of enemy to become your minion and this can provide you with some cool powers. You’ll be able to use lightning, throw bombs and even create walkable rain clouds!

Apart from that, the makers provide additional technical functions for the gamer like an in-game editor to make your landscape more challenging as well as an in-game debugger. Plus, they make sure you get enough of a challenge by providing tons of enemies.

Despite the quantity, there are really just two types of enemies. The makers also made sure to add tutorials wherever possible to help the players throughout the game. It was a good effort but at times these tutorials were a bit unnecessary.

Overall, the game is quite fun to play. The colorful graphics is cute to watch and the concept is quite original. If you got some spare time, then this game is worth checking out.


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