Typeface has always been an integral part of art… For me it is art. And it is good to see that there are other people out there who think the same way. The League of Moveable Type came to life thanks to two designers, Caroline and Micah, to combat the limitations and raise the standards of the web. It features a collection of some of the highest-quality of typefaces I came across online in a very long time. As a user you are more than welcome to contribute, browse, download, and use the chosen typefaces for free as all of them are subject to SIL’s Open Font License (which means that you are allowed to use the fonts for either personal or commercial purposes as long as you give a credit to its original creator).

The founders’ manifesto makes its all clear. As designers who truly value good design they feel that it’s the right time for the web to catch up to the standards of today’s creative community. More recently Caroline and Micah discovered something called @font-face, an addition to user-friendly web styling that allows you to specify the location of your own font files instead of using the same old web-friendly typefaces. Furthermore, the website is there to offer you a selection of truly amazing fonts that you can easily download and use for any of your creations. Just another step in the needed revolution.

The League of Moveable Type understands that many people create typefaces for a living, and they should as many of the designs take time and plenty of skills. But as The League explains, the open-source type movement is not set against type foundries and designers.

We’re not asking type designers and type foundries to sacrifice profit, we’re asking them to contribute to a greater cause, to create a community where we not only have a high design standard for print and web alike, but also a community where we’re able to share our creations, knowledge, and expertise with our peers and the world.

Some of the featured fonts include (click on the image to download):

Be sure to learn more about Open Font License and get some more information (including more free fonts) at Open Font Library Wiki.

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