The most irritating part of owning a smartphone is the numerous prying eyes that just want to break through your videos and pictures. So after alot of hunting through the Android Market, Keep Safe emerged as one of the best solutions to the plight of a thousand Android users. The app is very sturdy with simple interface and great functinality integrated within the system.

Created by Keep Safe, the developers have done a great job and have churned out an apt application for security purposes. The strongest point for this app would be it being free, while the features it offers are great.

Unlike other apps out there Keep Safe does not require you to make an account, then create a password, and then lock the pictures. Instead on firing up the app for the first time, you will be required to enter a chosen numberic password, then re-enetring of that password and Voila! you are all set to go. The app needs an email id at the time of the password setup (will come to that later).

The app allows the safekeeping of all the view-able images and videos available on the device. Android provides a great automated segregating of images into different folders. Keep Safe can read all those photos and videos for locking them instantly. Another great noted featured in-app is the ability of the app to email you the password in the event of forgetfulness.

Overall, this is surely a great app with minimalist features and one that gets the job done well. Highly recommended to all those Android users who consider their devices as a safe haven for all their pictures and videos.

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