You won’t find much about Martina Matwiejczuk online. Save for the few links on her Facebook Page, there’s hardly any info about the singer herself.

Even though she remains a mysterious figure in the music scene, her sound might just pluck her out of this obscurity soon enough.

This Polish singer has a knack for creating catchy pop and R&B laced tracks that seems destined to receive good airplay. Her EP, Extended Play is a first for her. It comes with 5 feel-good cuts ready to make you a convert to her music.

Starting her short but gorgeous EP with a single that shows off her strong vocals, Give Me a Reason is essentially a smooth pop song that you can easily chill with. Within minutes of the track, it becomes apparent that Martina is an artist that has the capacity to command a listen. The song is catchy. Even though it is a bit typical, it’s this same familiarity that makes it a great cut to enjoy.

Second track, Kilimanjaro is an upbeat single that serves as a nice club dance track. It has the right amount of groove that you can pop on for house parties or if you want something to perk up your mood. It’s also easy to imagine this one playing over the radio. Martina takes a slower pace with Searcher, showcasing that she can belt R&B infused tracks if she wants to. This one cut sounds like it belongs to a Beyonce album. Vocals are great and the replay value of the single is quite high. Meanwhile, Black is White, ends the album the same way it opens it; with a single that will stay stuck in your head after just a listen or two.

Extended Play might be a simple EP that has plays on the same formula of soulful dance pop with a hint of R&B, but it’s still a record worth grabbing if you ask me. Martina Matwiejczuk has a certain charm while she sings her songs. It’s hard not to fall for it and have her music on repeat for the rest of the day.

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