Tiara Wiles: RE:Dux

Tiara Wiles has been around the scene for quite a while. Since 2008, she's released a record for almost every year and she's showing no sign of stopping just yet. Raised by parents who love music as well, Tiara has explored and experimented with her music. Ever since she first released her debut EP, A Rosenberg Oddisee back in 2008, her music has evolved to include a variety of genres. For her latest effort, Re: Dux, her sound is a bit more dance/electro pop oriented yet it still bears that signature Tiara touch.

Martina Matwiejczuk: Extended Play

You won't find much about Martina Matwiejczuk online. Save for the few links on her Facebook Page, there's hardly any info about the singer herself. Even though she remains a mysterious figure in the music scene, her sound might just pluck her out of this obscurity soon enough. This Polish singer has a knack for creating catchy pop and R&B laced tracks that seems destined to receive good airplay. Her EP, Extended Play is a first for her. It comes with 5 feel-good cuts ready to make you a convert to her music.

Terius Nash aka The-Dream: 1977

Behind every superstar is an awesome songwriter/producer backing them up. Terius Nash also known as The-Dream is one of those people. One of the most sought-after writers and producer of today; he has helped create some of the most popular and memorable pop songs of the recent decade. Tracks like Rihanna's Umbrella, Mariah Carey's Touch my Body, and even Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) are among a long list of hit tracks he's helped write and produce. When he's not working with superstars, he's busy spinning his own tracks and this time, he's treating his fans to another free album; 1977. It's an 11 -track record that features Nash's smooth vocals, lovely melodies and impressively honest lyrics. Fans and new listeners are certainly in for a treat.