Ever though about bringing words to life in your text messages? Well than make sure to try out Zlango, an app that really adds the zing to the “Ohh, so boring text messages” with the icons, smileys, backgrounds and the work.

Created by Zlango Ltd., the developers have done a fantastic job with this app. College-goers and the youth would adore the whole look, feel and twist the app gives to their text messages.

Zlango promises to revamp the text messaging service forever, by adding icons to every corresponding word. So when you write ‘Hot’, Zlango will add a fiery pan in correspondence to it. It is that cool. So, every word you type is accompanied by a visually rich icons. It is worth remembering that that the app is exactly like texting, so do not get all worked up; if you need to send a text to your boss, you can always send a mundane, text only, message. Zlango does not force you with a 24×7 coolness license.

The recent version 2.10.62 comes with many feature updates, such as, ZlangOut (icon messages for social-network sharing), Auto Suggestion (replace words with icons or auto-write in icons), Click-Switch (swap between Classic, Urban and Gorgeous themes on-the-go), Zlango On/Off (enable and disable Zlango), Transform old text to Zlango (previously received messages can be coverted with icons), Pop-Up reply (instantly read and reply to message from the homescreen).

Zlango is a step ahead from other third-party text editors, as it adds a new twist to texts with icons that represent the words; breaking away from the traditional yellow smileys on almost all devices these days. Overall, if not a very productive one, Zlango is a real fun app to play around with and especially while texting friends and relatives. A thumbs-up on that front.

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