Bluetooth is one feature that has made sharing over/with other devices a breeze, and now the comfort is taken to the next level by adding an extra layer of security with OBEX FTP (File Transfer Profile) and OPP (Object Push Profile).

Developed by Medeivial Software, Bluetooth File Transfer is one app that really heightens the file sharing feature via Bluetooth.

So what Bluetooth File Transfer brings in? Well, first of all, it provides users with a custom security manager, with which you can only accept data from authorized devices. If the incoming Bluetooth connection is ignored, the app makes sure that no hackers can infiltrate and gain access to files within the device.

This is the neatest feature as far as security is concerned. The app provides users with 128, 192, and 256-bit data encryption level with support for unpacking and unzipping of files (ability to encrypt with password) right on the device. Apart from the encryption, users also have the option of securing files with a long password. This app really takes security very seriously.

The developer claims that the app’s file browser is the fastest till date, and after giving it a go on my Samsung Galaxy S (1st generation) I have to say that it did surprisingly well. On many occasions the “Bluetooth File Transfers” browser actually did outdo the others. So a thumbs-up on that claim.

Coming to the look of BFT, the User-Interface is very sleek and something that is fit for a paid app. There is no clutter or distractions, but a very straightforward approach to files, options, file locations etc. Most importantly this app is designed for sharing, and sharing it does well. Users can select to send either a single file with a size of just 2kb or an entire path, as large as 100mb+. Alongside, the app also provides with the functionality for hiding (unhiding) media from both, smartphone as well as SD card memory.

OBEX layering is very well integrated within the app. For newbies, OBEX is a communication model, which enables the exchange of binary objects between devices. The support for obexftp and obexopp gives a complete solution to the user.

Overall, the app is really great with neat features, great UI, heightened security, plethora of options, power saving management, streaming services, no rooting of devices for full functionality and endless possibilities. A great free App worth trying out on all Android devices.

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