Windows has undergone numerous changes, but no improvement has been done for Notepad. Fortunately, there is Notepad++, a freeware substitute. The software is designed for programmers, but even casual users will benefit from it.

The easiest way to describe Notepad++ is as a combination of WordPad and Notepad. But it isn’t exactly a clone of both. One of its most important features is support for multiple tabs. When using Notepad++, you’ll be able to work with several documents simultaneously. C programmers will appreciate its line remembering feature too.

The application’s interface is fairly simple and won’t confound anyone. The toolbar at the top of the main screen has familiar icons (open, save, cut, copy etc). The tabs are set below it. The white blank writing space takes up the rest of the screen, perfect for no-distraction writing.

Programmers will find all the coding tools on the menu. A few of them are on the toolbar. Some of the things you can do here are launch in Firefox, W3C direct submission, saving text to Hex, create and run macros. There is a spell checker included.

If you just want to write some notes, Notepad++ will do just fine. But those who need to do more will get a lot more. Programmers for instance, can launch with various arguments, bookmark and zoom in/out. There is support for multiple languages, WYSIWYG printing and auto-completion. Other vital features are Function parameters, function completion, document map and more.

Notepad++ has a customizable GUI. Tabs can be turned off, set vertically, turned minimalist and more. Office workers and casual users will find this freebie can handle everything that WordPad and Notepad can do and more.

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