Cloze is an app that allows you to track all your important posts and contacts, something very difficult to do as we get a ton of email messages each day. This feed organizer app arranges your feeds by importance, so you’ll no longer have to do any manual sorting. It’s easy to use and very handy and could be just what you need to sort those emails and social network messages.


Basically what Cloze does is to reduce inbox overload, and it does this by focusing on your relationship with your contacts. But Cloze does not stop there as it can also manage your Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook accounts. If you link an account with the app it will gather every contact communication you had and will then arrange them by importance and not the method by which they were transmitted.

The app delivers messages neatly but if you want you can have the messages sent to your iOS app or their website. Any method is easy to use, and the great thing about Cloze is that it provides plenty of information about your contacts. In addition, the app allows you to remove and add contacts easily. It doesn’t just rate people by importance to you but also the frequency, balance, privacy and responsiveness.

Cloze on your iOS makes it a breeze to handle all those contacts and messages, and it conveniently shows you the most recent messages that have arrived, absolutely essential if you get a lot of email. As an email client Cloze works very well. The interface is very intuitive. If you’re looking for an email client that will help you manage even the messages you get on social networks, you’ll find Cloze very useful.

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