LIVES is a free video editor developed by Gabriel Finch for Linux. This application, which can also be used by video jocks, has many powerful features like real time capture, trimming and resizing of video clips, and de-interlacing. However, the interface makes the features very accessible.


LIVES in fact, has so many features that it will be more than sufficient for professional editors who need a high quality application. Among these are lossless backup and restore, output and input streaming, support for variable and fixed frame rates and more.

LIVES runs on two modes, the Multitrack Window and the Clip Editor. The Clip Editor is particularly useful for making audio and video snippets off a master clip, and is the mode you’ll be mostly working in. Basically what you do here is pull snippets off your video and save the pieces, and open a new window to join them. You can work with as many snippets as you like, and every clip can handle up to 2 billion frames.

In addition to this, LIVES has support for several multimedia formats including MKV, MP3, WAV, MPEG, AVI, OGG and many more. In fact the program can support more than fifty formats so compatibility won’t be a problem here. This program can also handle more than 20 hours of DVD, and each frame can be saved as PDF too. In short, LIVES is a versatile video editor that can handle anything you throw at it. It’s easy to use, updated frequently, and free to boot.

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