Blocky Roads Winterland from Dogbyte Games is a physics based racer. The objective of the game is to recapture all your animals as they have wandered off your farm. You need to be quick since you don’t want them to get the cold, and while there are a lot of physics based games available, this is one of the most entertaining and challenging.

Blocky Roads Winterland is a sidescrolling game where you’ll have to drive around snowy mountains and get all your animals. There are three tracks here and each one is very well designed and gives you plenty of things to do besides just gathering your lost animals.

blocky road

Blocky Roads also features 3 different vehicles that you’ll get to use throughout the game, adding variety to the proceedings, and graphics are also exceptional and very much suited for the game’s atmosphere. Another thing that makes Blocky Roads stand out is the fact that you can customize the character and make it your own, plus there is a car editor included, allowing you to paint and create your own car. This level of customization isn’t common in these kinds of games which makes Blocky Roads stand out.

Being a physics based racer, Blocky Roads Winterland isn’t like the typical racer in the sense that you’ll need to learn how to maneuver the hills, desert dunes and snowy mountains. Since a tornado destroyed your farm, leading to the escape of your animals, you also have to deal with a host of other obstacles in your way, adding to the fun and the challenge.

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