Offroad Legends Warmup is one of the coolest racing / simulation games for the iOS. Developed by Dogbyte Games Korlatolt, it allows you to drive a variety of offroad vehicles on different tracks. Whether you choose six-wheeled Behemoths, 4×4 off-roaders or Monster Trucks, you need to go over hills, smash barriers and in some cases make your vehicle fly over ravines. The physics are challenging, so good driving skills are necessary.

There are a lot of vehicles to choose from. Four categories are available: fun cars, 4×4 off-roaders, Behemoths and Monster Trucks. There are also motorbikes available. Your chosen vehicle can be fine tuned. You may find this necessary because the physics simulation is pretty tough; this isn’t your typical smash ‘em up run and gun truck racing game.

Offroad Legends Warmup has support for iPhone and iPad retina display. The vehicle deformation is real time and the graphics are among the best in any iPhone or iPad game. You also have three game modes to choose from.

Aside from the graphics, there are some really cool sound effects, not to mention a soundtrack that really rocks. Controls are stable and easy to learn, with the tilting forward / backwards really useful.

The game doesn’t lack in variety; apart from jumps and timed sessions, there are also transport missions. Warning: this game can be pretty challenging. Do not expect this to be a walk in the park. You will be playing this for a while!

If you love Monster Trucks, Offroad Legends Warmup is your game. There are plenty of explosions and car crashes here to satisfy you. The game also runs on the 4th generation iPod Touch.

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