Easily.Do is an organizer and notifier app all in one. It is also a lot more than that as you can use it to send greetings, work out schedules, check and be notified about the weather, and monitor traffic, among other things.

Easily.Do also comes with alerts when you need to go to a meeting, and it will give you information about parking and drive time info. This feature also gives you the chance to look at LinkedIn profiles and dial conference calls. Another useful feature of Easily.Do is being able to is check public transit times for commuting.


If you’re frequently on the road, Easily.Do can make your life easier by offering directions, and as pointed out earlier you’ll get updates on the weather too. With this feature you no longer have to get a separate weather app, and you can input reminders on the app on the fly.

But Easily.Do does not stop there since it will show you boarding passes and check up on your flight status, so if your flight is delayed, has been cancelled or there are changes, you’ll know it. There is also a calendar built in and you can add flight itineraries.

Once you’ve added those you can check out your confirmations for events, films, car rentals and restaurants. If that’s not enough the notification feature on Easily.Do can track packages, respond to emails, and get reminders for bills that have to be paid. This is in addition to being able to send out personalized birthday greetings, get trend updates on Facebook and more.

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