Everyday is a celebration of the heart with Talentine 2. Produced by LA based K L S H (Klash), this musical compilation by various artists surround perspectives on love and relationships with people, society and situations.

Dope Girl by Mat Randol and Javonte is in every way sensual. Potent rap verses and ferocious beats deliver a very tight track.

Boasting with stuttering and sporadic beats, Float Away by Dana takes on an experimental hip-hop sentimentality. This track will surely keep you moving.

Wingate’s Frosbit is laced talks about the story of a first love that never burns out. Light, fluttering keys build up to a plethora of chilling grooves and brilliant instrumentation.

Traversing the R&B avenue, Feel My Love by Voice features a dash of electric tunes with heart-felt vocals.

Tracks like And Cupid Shoots Her (A Tribe Called Quest), The Exit Plan (El Prez and Chris Focus) and Grand Entrance (El Prez, Chris Focus, and Rochelle Jordan) showcase rhythmic beats and potent lyricism. Straight-forward deliveries will leave the listeners in awe.

Overall, Talentine 2 touches on different flavours of hip-hop, R&B and electronic tunes. It’s a pristine musical collection that will not disappoint.

Other artists featured in this album are Saint, Quinten, Dgoodz, Cashtro, and LADT. It’s available as a free download in Bandcamp.

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