A lot of us wanted to re-live the 90’s, even if it was by listening the music that was made in those days. Dirty converse shoes, ripped jeans, Power Grunge, and Nirvana, of course. Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains did their part too, they conquered people with a new movement that they were not expecting. Bioshaft comes along with this notable influences, bringing the golden 90’s to this era, and we like it.

Powerful riffs with some bluesy influences along with Led Zeppelin’s beats show the way. It is not easy to play Grunge Rock today, you can easily be labelled as just another ripoff 90’s band. It must take some real music to get that 90’s feeling and make it sound alright in the present.


The album:
Fuck your solutions: The heaviest song on the album, no doubt. This is a very political cut and it shows in the official video. Being from Venezuela, however, the band can’t escape the current political situation of the country and clearly is sending the government a very clear message. This is very close to hard punk at some stages of the song, a real kick in the face.

My sweet friend: A very familiar voice here, just listen and you will see. Almost a Kurt Cobain piece – it is impossible to hide but sometimes it is good to let your influences show. Good artist copy, but great artists steal, let’s face it. A very enjoyable song and my favorite in the album. It takes you to a grungy trip along the always great Seattle.

Powerful Record.


Track Listing
1. My party
2. Blackbandaid
3. NothingĀ“s wrong
4. We celebrate
5. Paralyzed
6. My sweet friend
7. Fuck your solutions
8. Hypatia
9. Ignite
10. Fly
11. Promise
12. Walk through the fire

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