Into the Dim is a retro turn based RPG dungeon crawler, but game developer Happymagenta has taken the retro elements to another level. It has grayscale visuals and the music and audio sound exactly like what you’d get with an old Game Boy game, but in spite of this, Into the Dim is actually a lot of fun and challenging.

Into the Dim involves your character trying to find his dog who ran inside the dimly lit mysterious dungeon. As a turn based RPG the game allows you to do 3 actions per turn. The game controls for instance, allow you to use one action to move the character or if there’s an opponent within range you can move in that direction and launch an attack. There is no shortage of obstacles to deal with here but you’re not without weapons either so that’s a plus.

The biggest challenge with Into the Dim is that like classic video games, you have to start from the beginning when you die, but the good news is you keep all the coins you earned in the previous run. The more coins you earn, the more you will be able to use them to increase the bullets you can use in the dungeon or boost your health.

Into the Dim can be difficult but not overly so, and the fact that the dungeon doesn’t change means over time you get to know where to find the health packs and other goodies. Bottom line: if you’re longing for some good old retro games on your mobile, then check this out.

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